Saturday, August 15, 2009

Formal Fun



**There's a side zipper to the dress**

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Item Name: Formal Fun
Material: Nylon top and Cotton Skirt bottom
Size: UK 6 to Small UK 12
Length: 80cm
Bust: can fit up to 100cm
Shoulder 36cm
Colour: Beige and Black
Price: RM 39 us

This is one dress that you simply cannot miss! Lovely one piece dress..
Suitable for working, presentations or simply to an evening dinnerXD

Floral Chic





There's an elastic band in the middle, so it allows extra movement.
Trust me you won't be disappointed with this dressXD

We have been reviewed by Chamber of Style and The On9 Shopping
Thank You Chamber of Style and The On9 Shopping!!

Item Name:
Floral Chic
Soft Lycra and Chiffon Sleeves
UK 6 to small UK 12

Length: 80cm
Bust: can fit up to 110cm
Shoulder: 37cm
Colour: Blue, Black, Grey
Price: RM 40

Restockable...Email us at

This is one dress every girl MUST have! Absolutely comfortable and very beautiful.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Floral Toga

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Item Name:
Floral Toga
Size: UK 4-8
Length: 82cm
Bust: can fit up to 100cm
Shoulder 36cm
Price: RM 35 ONLY!!

Restockable. Email

This beautiful one piece toga dress is just perfect for any occasion! Such a lovely and sweet colour. We just absolutely love it.

Monday, July 27, 2009


Welcome to One Stop Chic!

Here at One Stop Chic, we bring you absolutely stylish pieces at an affordable price!
One stop at our blog and you be bringing utter chic-ness with you!

As we are newly open, we are giving away FREE postage for any customer, who purchase 3 items and above.
**Offer valid till the end of August!!**

How could any girl resist such an offer!!
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Checkered Chic

**Smocked Back..stretchable Back**

Item Name: Checkered Chic
Size: UK 4- Small 12
Material: Cotton
Price: RM40

White (1 Sold, 1 available)

Absolutely a must have piece!!! Simple yet sophisticated!
Dress it up with a pair of heels and a high waist belt or
dress it down with a simple pair of flip flops XD

This is an offer not to be missed!

Email us now


**Belt not included**

Item Name: Simplicity
Size: UK4-10
Material: Cotton
Price: RM35----> NOW RM 30
Status: Green

Email now
Grab it before it's GONE!!

Dove and Starry

Wear it as a high waist dress

Or wear it as a hipster with a belt
*Belt not included*

***Dove and Starry***

Item Name: Dove and Starry
Size: UK6-12
Material: Cotton
Price: RM35---> NOW RM30
Status: Stars

Yet another lovely dual tone dress. Own yours now!


Simply Chic

Can wear it as a off-shoulder as well

Item Name: Simply Chic
Size: UK4-10
Material: Cotton
Price: RM40--->
Status: Grey

*Belt not included*

Lovely and simply dress that can be wore for work or for play. Lovely and unique design as well.
Come grab one for yourself!!

Email us

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Gold Rush

Item Name: Gold Rush
Size: UK4-10
Material: Soft Satin
Price: RM39
Status: Available

Gold and Black a classy combination=) This dress is absolutely comfortable.
If you are bit curvy at your hips, not to worry this dress is pleated and it gives extra roomXD

Email us at

Ocean Chic

Item Name: Ocean Chic
Size: UK 4-10

Material: Soft Satin
Price: RM29
Status: Available

This beautiful dress is suitable for a casual day out or for a dinner event.
It's yours for only RM29!!!

What are u waiting for?

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Friday, July 24, 2009

Dazzling Long Top

Item Name: Dazzling Long Top
Size: UK6-small UK12

Material: Cotton
Price: RM25 only!!
Status: Available

Gorgeous long top perfect for everyday wear. It's versatile and comfortable. Simply pair it with leggings, jeans or shorts and you will dazzling the whole day..woot!~~